(E6) 5 Questions to Ask a Perspective Client

In this episode of the Pitching PR Podcast, we chat about the five key questions you should be asking all your prospective clients – even before you agree to the first meeting!

My guest today is Rhonda Page, a veteran business developer who now coaches agencies and freelancers on building and growing their business. Through her experience, Rhonda understands the frustration and stress that comes with wasting your time on prospective clients who don’t pan and how to spot those that will turn into bankable revenue. Rhonda’s five key questions will help any PR professional decide which clients are genuine, and which should be avoided at all costs.


Today’s Topics

  • Rhonda Page’s experience in graphic design and business development
  • Asking for background information and getting the inside scoop on a project
  • Who’s the boss?
  • Listening to your intuition: deciding if you want to work on the project
  • Getting comfortable talking about money and asking about budgets
  • How to ask if your client is serious about the project
  • Why you should ask about your competition and what to say
  • Having meaningful conversations with a prospective client
  • How to bring the right energy to your first meeting

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