(E7) 5 Tips for Effective 1:1 Management Meetings

Today’s episode is a special one for me, as I get to speak with my former boss from P&G Canada, Melissa Karis. The two of us discuss one-to-one meetings and how important they are to creating positive office culture and advancing projects.

Melissa is the Director of Beauty Communications and leads the development and execution of PR programs for P&G’s health and beauty brands. In her time at P&G Melissa has participated in over TWO THOUSAND 1:1 meetings and knows from experience how these can strengthen or weaken a team. We discuss how to set objectives for a one-to-one meetings and how to lead and listen in these meetings to motivate and support your team. Melissa also boils it all down and provides 5 key tips for having effective and productive 1:1 meetings. If you manage a team of any size, this episode should prove particularly helpful.

Today’s Topics:

  • Objectives of setting up a one-on-one meeting
  • Prioritizing these meetings
  • Who should set the meeting agenda and why
  • Prioritizing meeting agenda
  • Adding a personal aspect to these one-on-one’s
  • The importance of listening
  • 5 key tips for creative an effective one-on-one meeting