(E8) Dealing with Rejection in PR

Today, I welcome back Kamara Toffolo to discuss the cringe-inducing issue of rejection. Rejection is something we all face in both our personal and professional lives as Public Relations practitioners. During our conversation, Kamara finds a positive way to spin rejection and how it can be beneficial to creating better work for your PR clients.

As a career coach, Kamara knows the right steps to getting what you want out of your job. Every day, she helps her clients dare to not only work differently, but pursue what they love. With all her experience as a coach, Kamara is the perfect person to discuss rejection.


  • Benefits of facing rejection
  • Spinning rejection
  • Dealing with too much rejection
  • Pushing through fear

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  • “God things happen to those who hustle.” –Lesley Luce
  • “Rejection truly trumps silence. At least you know what you can change and work towards.” –Kamara Toffolo
  • “In order to strive for what you want you need to just push through the fear…” –Kamara Toffolo