(E9) How to Come Back From a Burn Out

On today’s podcast, I have the opportunity to speak with blogger and social media consultant, Lizzie Benson. Together, we discuss feeling burnt out from work; why it happens, how to prevent it and how to come back after a burn out.

Lizzie is an active blogger and owner of OctoberJune.com and blogs extensively. She is also a freelance social media consultant and understands what it is to be burnt out. As such, she has developed techniques to help avoid the stress and frustration of burnout. Listen in as she shares her insights on how to bounce back after experiences work and career burnout.  


  • The definition of burnout
  • Lizzie’s burnout and how she dealt with it
  • Scheduling personal time
  • Putting back-up systems in place when you need a break
  • Taking breaks and why “Netflix & Chill” isn’t enough
  • Finding inspiration and avoid comparison
  • Remaining persistent



  • “I think the biggest [consequence of burnout] is complete lack of energy for personal projects.” –Lizzie
  • “Life runs so much more smoothly if you stick to a schedule.” –Lizzie
  • “Take a break. Sometimes you just have to.” -Lizzie