(E12) How to be a Compassionate Leader & Boss

On today’s episode, I sit down with Emotional Wellness Coach, Barbara Erochina, about creating a compassionate workplace. The issue of compassion has risen to the forefront as new research suggests that compassionate workplaces increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. We discuss ways to be a compassionate leader and how to create an office environment where compassion encourages high performance and innovation.

Barbara combines psychiatric studies with life-coaching techniques to help people using her own approach to emotional well-being. Barbara also created the BeWith Self-Care Cards for her client’s as a tool to help them live a more compassion live towards themselves and others.


  • Why compassion and self-care has been rising to the forefront
  • Benefits of being a compassionate leader
  • How compassion encourages risk-taking and innovation
  • Compassion vs. Sympathy
  • The rewards of compassionate leadership
  • Managing the fear of failure at work
  • How compassion breeds empathy for others
  • How the process of change affects workers
  • The power hierarchy and how it affects office atmosphere
  • Encouraging a healthy office environment

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“Self-compassion is just that first step of acknowledging something is hard.” -Barbara Erochina
“She wrote herself a letter of forgiveness…and it offered her the comfort that she needed to think about the next steps without that kind of harsh self-judgement.”-Barbara Erochina
“One of the beautiful things about self-compassion…is that self-compassion automatically builds empathy for others.” -Barbara Erochina