(E3) Tips for writing PR micro-content

In this episode of the Pitching PR Podcast, we discuss a very hot topic for PR professionals: writing micro-content. Micro-content is concise writing that needs to be immediately clear and inviting to the reader. We write micro-content every day, including headlines, tweets or subject lines.

Our guest, Dawn Morrison, is a copywriter and owner of TooManyWords.ca Though her background is in traditional marketing and PR, Dawn is now an expert at writing and editing effective micro-content. As the communications manager for a university, Dawn found that the web was becoming the most important recruitment tool; she ultimately became an expert in this kind of marketing and eventually developed her business Too Many Words, which focuses on brand marketing and content development for the web.

Today’s Topics:

  • Tips for making your content stand out in an oversaturated marketplace
  • The importance of tone
  • Considering the channel through which you are communicating when crafting your message
  • The importance of being concise
  • Leveraging micro-content tricks to improve long-form content
  • How to encourage social sharing
  • Focusing on audience needs

This podcast is hosted by Lesley Luce from Pitch Graphic Design, a Toronto-based firm specializing in the design needs of PR agencies and freelancers. More episodes of the Pitching PR Podcast can be found on iTunes or online. 

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“Writing online is the opposite of academic writing…you gotta get to the conclusion right away.” -Dawn Morrison
“Every word you choose has to have a purpose.” - Lesley Luce
“I’m on a mission to abolish ‘click here’.” -Dawn Morrison