(E4) Going Solo and the Unexpected

In this episode of the Pitching PR Podcast, we discuss a topic close to my heart: starting your own Public Relations business. My guest, Lisa Pasquin, and I discuss the challenges of starting our businesses and what we have learned from those experiences.

Lisa Pasquin and I met at Harbinger Communications, and since then she as worked at several large PR firms and founded Craft Public Relations.

In this podcast, we share our experiences of starting our businesses and insights that are helpful to those thinking of taking the plunge and doing freelance PR or starting their own agency.

Today’s Topics:

  • To write or not to write a business plan
  • Dealing with the fear of going it alone
  • Dealing with failures and successes
  • Finding success without a large team
  • The desire for flexibility
  • Time Management

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“Everything I’ve done since I’ve started Craft, I really believe in.” - Lisa Pasquin
“My business doesn’t encroach on my personal time, except when I invite it in.” - Lesley Luce
“Being self-employed isn’t lonely, but what I do miss is the office gossip.” Lesley Luc