Design and PR Expertise 


Trained in graphic design and Public Relations, Lesley Luce is a multi-talented freelancer who brings her communications expertise and creative thinking to every project at Pitch Graphic Design. 



Lesley has incredible attention to detail, respects timelines and understands the importance of not just good design, but good design that speaks to your target audience.


She gained her PR experience working on brands like Dove, Sunlight, Pampers, COVERGIRL, Pantene, and Bravado Designs.


Lesley makes the process an enjoyable one for Clients; she is a team player who doesn't need hand-holding and can be relied on to deliver creative and engaging design.



About Lesley


Lesley likes her coffee with milk and sugar. She loves listening to Jazz, the CBC or podcasts while she works. On weekends, you can find her at the park with her toddler; she'll be the adult on the slide.