How to Boost Your Professional PR Reputation

On this episode of Pitching PR, I get the opportunity to speak with Crosby Noricks, the founder of PR Couture. We discuss ways PR professionals can boost their reputation; specifically, we talk about personal branding and raising your profile by applying for PR awards.

Growing up, Crosby loved fashion and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into her career. She found that PR was the best way to pursue her interests and particularly enjoyed creating business strategies. She has worked in-house for a jewelry company and also at a boutique agency. While doing this, she created PR Couture, a platform where she could pursue her specific interest of Fashion PR. Join us as she describes her professional journey and how PR Couture has boosted her professional profile.

Topics Discussed:  

  • Thinking about/pursuing long-term career goals

  • Personal branding online and offline

  • How to build your professional reputation

  • Thinking of reputation building as delivering value

  • Launching the Bespoke Communication Awards and why awards play a role in branding

  • Tips for streamlining the application process for awards

  • Repurposing content to your advantage

  • Elevating your reputation through generosity 

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