How to Come Back From Burn Out

We’ve all encountered today’s topic (hopefully not too often) but when it rears it’s ugly head everything comes to an abrupt halt – burnout. Career burnout. Creative burnout. Motivational burnout. Being totally burnt out from work.

In this episode, I have the opportunity to speak with blogger and social media consultant, Lizzie Benson. Together, we discuss feeling burnt out from work; why it happens, how to prevent it and how to come back after a burn out.

Topics Discussed:  

  • The definition of burnout

  • Lizzie’s burnout and how she dealt with it

  • Scheduling personal time

  • Putting back-up systems in place when you need a break

  • Taking breaks and why “Netflix & Chill” isn’t enough

  • Finding inspiration and avoid comparison

  • Remaining persistent

I think the biggest consequence of burnout is complete lack of energy for personal projects.
— Lizzie Benson
Lesley LuceHealth, Career