How to KonMari Your PR Career

On Today’s episode, I discuss with Ivanka Siolkowsky the negative effects a cluttered life can have on you and your career. We dive into the emotional and professional aspects of clutter and how to turn things around.

Ivanka Siolkowsky was once an extremely organized teacher who turned her passion into a professional organizing business. Her enthusiasm was driven by reading Marie Kondo’s book and instituting the KonMarie method on her life. She now helps others cut down on clutter and organize their lives.

Topics Discussed:  

  • Overview of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method or organization

  • Looking critically at our work wardrobes

  • Changing the way you fold to increase space

  • Storing seasonal or weight-related clothing items

  • The benefit of implementing the KonMari method to your work space/office

  • Using the KonMari method when packing and travelling for work

Clutter can have a negative emotional effect on you.
— Ivanka Siolkowsky
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