How to Recover From an eBlast Mistake

We’ve all been there – spending time writing the perfectly crafted email only to have our cursor hover over the send button, trepidation in our hearts. Is it perfect? What if there is a mistake? What if they don’t like what I’ve said. You close your eyes and press send and… whooosh it is gone into the email universe.  

Email marketing doesn’t have to be scary and to talk us off the ledge is my podcast guest, Nicole Murphy, email marketing guru from Freshbooks and We discuss the unknown benefits and misconceptions about email marketing, how to use email marketing to grow your agency and how to come back from email typos and mistakes.

Topics Discussed:  

  • E-mail is old, but not outdated

  • Misconceptions about email marketing

  • Avoiding being “spammy”

  • Ways to use the data to improve your clients’ content

  • Strategies for content development

  • Understanding what makes your business or your clients’ business unique

  • Finding your “written voice”

  • The terror of email mishaps

  • Steps for dealing with email marketing mistakes

  • Emerging email marketing trends

When you’re developing a content strategy for your email marketing, the first step is to really understand what it is that makes you different
— Nicole Murphy
Lesley LuceMarketing