Investing For Business Growth

Growing your business means investment – you are investing straight up cash or your time. Investing in human capital and growing your team can be intimidating – not just because you want to hire the RIGHT people, but there is a lot of pressure to make the RIGHT amount of investment so your agency doesn’t go belly up. 

That’s why I’m so excited today to talk to Kim Dawson – the founder of K Dawson Company and business strategist dedicated to helping women become entrepreneurs and profitable business owners.

Topics Discussed:  

  • The success tipping point

  • Investing in your agency and business rather than saving

  • Why hiring will make you money, not cost you money

  • Methods for hiring the right team

  • Outsourcing social media

  • Teaming up with other PR professionals when funds are low

  • Managing your financial resources

  • The importance of Graphic Design

  • Creating office culture

As you grow, you have to grow your efforts to delegate.
— Kim Dawson
Lesley LuceMoney, Business