New Year's Career Resolutions


In this episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Riana Topan, who is a communications fellow at the Aga Khan Foundation in Uganda. We discuss the benefits of setting career goals at the start of a new year and how to turn these goals into action. She uses her expertise as someone who successfully changed her career path to offer great insight into how to set short and long-term career goals.

Topics Discussed:  

  • Why we set goals in the New Year

  • How to evaluate your current job status

  • Envisioning your ideal future

  • Making plans to achieve your career goals

  • Putting plans into action

  • Evaluating your progress

  • Long-term vs. short-term planning

  • What is a “medium-term” goals and why are they so important

  • Building a timeline for each set of goals

Though the holidays are inevitably busy, this season is a great time to pause and reflect on all you’ve done in the past twelve months.
— Riana Topan
Lesley LuceMoney, Business