Telling your Client's story.

From novels to movies; advertising to poetry, the best stories are told with a visual punch. Today’s audiences are busy, distracted, and overwhelmed with messaging — yours needs to stand out. Pitch Graphic Design is exclusively focused on the design needs of public relations agencies. We don’t just deliver the pictures; we’re with you every step of the way, from the pitch to the media hit. We understand the process, because we’ve been there. 


The Perfect Pitch

The RFP arrived, you devised the strategy, and wrote copy that sings. The only thing missing is great design. That’s where we come in. We design winning PowerPoint/Keynote decks and unique printed presentations that inform, inspire and help you win new business.


The whole kit and caboodle

We’re not exactly sure what a caboodle is, but we know press kits. Yours should be a well-designed factsheet, media kit and mailer that impresses Influencers and helps journalists tell your Client’s story and brings your pitch one step closer to print.


Puttin' on the Ritz

Media get invited to hundreds of events each year. We’ll help yours stand out with flawless execution and exciting event collateral — like invitations, signage, social media, tent-cards and follow-up stationery. Elevate your event and loudly communicate your Client’s brand message.


Depicting Data

Audiences are swimming in a sea of information and your survey report is just another drop in the bucket. An eye-catching infographic lets you swim against the tide. Even the most mundane data can pop with a cool infographic.

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